Swim the Fly – Don Calame

December 17, 2010

Matt, Sean and Coop have always achieved their summer goal. Perhaps, this summer the fifteen year olds have set the goal a little too high; to see a girl naked live. Might I add that none of the trio has charm with ladies? To impress a girl on his swim team Matt blindly volunteers to swim the 100-yard butterfly, the hardest stroke known. And he’s so skinny that the competition calls him Twig.

Rating: B+

YA-novelist Don Calame takes readers on a fun filled journey: a house party wilder then you can imagine, countless stupid dares and more. This is done though the lives of interesting characters like a drill sergeant swim instructor named Ulf and a grandfather crushing on a grieving widow next door! This book delivers far more than any review can do justice.

Richard S.

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Google Book Preview

Publisher’s Website

Author’s Website

This book is available in at in the Mississauga Library Catalogue!


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