Wish – Alexandra Bullen

June 5, 2010

Rating: A

Olivia and her parents have just moved in to a new town. On a Thursday after spring break, Miles, her mother’s coworkers’ son, gave her a tour around the school. He took her around the school where she saw many different people, especially those who tried to fit in. Each time Miles asked her a question, she could not answer directly and truthfully. After seeing the same people since grade six, Miles had the ability to observe people and find out their true personality. He felt that Olivia was hiding something, and he was right. Olivia moved in not because her mother’s promotion was exceptional, but because her twin sister, Violet died. Olivia did not have the choice but to face a life without her twin sister. When they moved into their new house, she recalled all the memories they had together, but somehow, she could not get herself to miss her. When her mother asks Olivia to attend the party with her, she searches for a dress- a dress that had all the answers. Not knowing, Violet held the solution. Her life was completely normal until she found the dress and causes her to wish- a wish that would change her life forever…


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Google Book Preview

Publisher’s Website

Author’s Blog

This book is available in at in the Mississauga Library Catalogue!


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