Meridian – Amber Kizer

June 5, 2010

This novel is about a young girl named Meridian, who has never been quite normal. Since she was a baby, things have died around Meridian. When she was younger, it was just insects, but as she got older, bigger things died around her. She was teased at school, and even her family felt a bit distant. Then, when Meridian turns sixteen, she finds out why she is the way she is. Meridian is a Fenestra, and angel that guide souls to heaven.

Rating: A

Exciting and new, this book has an original plot. I have read many books, and so it is nice to find a book that has a different theme and plot, one that I have not read before.


Links of Interest: (opens in new window)

Google Book Preview

Publisher’s Website

Author’s Website

This book is available in at in the Mississauga Library Catalogue!


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